MT4 and MT5 - script2

MT4 & MT5 Scripts that Could Be Handy

MetaTrader 4 & 5 are two versions of the most popular trading platform in the world. They allow you access the live trading, multiple-account management, order placing, market analysis, price monitoring, copy trading etc. And MetaTrader scripts help you automate some of your favorite trading strategies.

MT4 Scripts

  1. History Data Analysis v3

This analytical script specializes in monitoring the missing bars in your trading history, for later estimation and evaluation of the holes and gaps. It supports .csv format and allows to view data in MS Excel, with an extra feature of machine evaluation.

  1. at PR + SQ-e

at PR + SQ-e helps you compare Polynomial regression both from history and the present moment. Using that algorithm, you can analyze and predict the possible slowdown and decline of a certain trend in future.

  1. Risk Advisor

This clever helper does a swift calculation of Lots value and a number of pips for triggering Stop Loss. As a result a percentage of balance that can be lost is predicted. Profit Loss/Take Profit factors can be customized.

  1. Close Orders

Close Orders enables you to sculpt your own strategies and close currency orders (especially pending ones), consiering the current situation. Open order slippage is automatically calculated for each currency.

  1. Report

It is a versatile tool, which displays statistics that can be separated by:

  • Data,
  • Field,
  • Time period,
  • Column

And so on. It’s especially useful for analyzing order history.

MT4 and MT5 - script2

MT5 Scripts

  1. Statistic of candles

SoC displays bullish and bearish candlesticks, does calculation for a set number of bars and lets you make screenshots of the resulting charts. Besides you can set a delay for browsing those charts.

  1. History deals and orders

If you select a certain period of time in the trading history, this script will provide you with a full account of deals and orders that took place back then. The info will be browsed in the Experts tab or can be saved to a .txt file for more convenience.

  1. Nerve

Nerve has been designed to measure the average volatility of symbols, based on such parameters as:

  1. Difference between min/max candles.
  2. A specific time period in days, with the exception of weekends.

It shows max daily volatility, max volatility for one candle etc.

  1. Setting chart

A nifty customization tool for charts, it enables/disables grid, ask, foreground, auto scroll; changes the input value etc.

  1. PriceLines

It helps you monitor and analyze changes in price levels with ease, since they are shown directly on the charts.