MT4 and MT5 - script2

MT4 & MT5 Scripts that Could Be Handy

MetaTrader 4 & 5 are two versions of the most popular trading platform in the world. They allow you access the live trading, multiple-account management, order placing, market analysis, price monitoring, copy trading etc. And MetaTrader scripts help you automate some of your favorite trading strategies. MT4 Scripts History Data Analysis v3 This analytical script […]

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The World’s Top 5 Financial & Broker Regulators

There are 110 active broker regulators, operating throughout the world. Their countries of origin encompass different legislations: USA, UK, Japan on one hand and Pakistan and Kenya on the other. We’ve prepared the list of Top 5 Broker Regulators for you. What’s the purpose of financial regulators? Financial/broker regulators are either government or independent bodies […]

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Asian Markets Show Mixed Performance

The end of October wasn’t easy for Asian markets: over the last week they’ve had shy gains and mixed losses. Given that the Asia-Pacific region has dropped by 12% over the past month, specialists talk about the global market plague. In the circumstances of the resurfacing economical warfare tensions between America and China, international investors […]

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