About our platform

Varalen Trading Corp. Has begun the economic growth and superiority in the market with creation Liquidity providers and brokers uniting system (LPBUS). It was an unquestionably improved trading service, appealing to investors and very easy to master.

Main features of the LPBUS platform

K. Varalen came from creating a product from a very candid philosophy. Internet-trading should be accessible for everyone with a perpetually high level of theoretical and practical support. Further on, based on LPBUS, a large number of quality solutions for traders were created: the

  • development of the FIX API, which turned out to be a universal development toolkit and in third-party companies;
  • adaptation of the functionality of Ctrader and Metatrader organizations to the needs and philosophy of both Mr K. Varalen and the needs of each trader;
  • a single centralized framework for managing all software products at the clearance of the corporation.

New CEO Magritte Stanford has fascinated new leading and prominent developers, who have even more passionately begun to develop LPBUS. Team Karen Smith and Philip Mitchell wrote new versions of the brand aggregator, further improving the position of Varalen Trading Corp in the market to complementary software.

The website was also introduced. The cTrader reasons for this decision are obvious:

  • competitive own software, which will grant developing trading solutions “under one roof”;
  • own setup of guardianship of transactions and funds;
  • an authoritative difference to the recognized Metatrader standard;
  • Integration under LPBUS into a single infrastructure.

2013 – the year of the release of a specific software package and a set of VTC tools. Advantages of this approach: a

  • possible turn-key turnkey new brokerage;
  • the service is comprehensively friendly to the newcomers in the market
  • total alternative to the self-written dealing desk. Now there is an opportunity not to use the standard NDD system.

115 liquidity providers help traders with charting, technical analysis of the data received and a professional toolkit for productive order management when choosing this product. Register – and get the most recent products In 2016, the company issued an updated resource called MetaTrader fifth version with a hedge accounting system positions.

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