Varalen Capital Markets – Genuine Solutions for Brokers and Liquidity Providers

While there many brokerage firms that have made their online presence, only a few of them can provide world-class services for the liquidity aggregator. The Varalen Trading website is designed to let market participants get acquainted with a broad spectrum of services offered by the corporation and promote consulting and analysis services for the brokerage community.

Technology behind Varalen Capital Markets

Varalen Trading Corporation or VTC was founded more than a decade ago by its father K. Varalen whose talent and shrewdness determined the unquestionable success of his brokerage consulting company. Margarita Stanford, the existing company’s CEO effectively keeps the business of her predecessor thriving.

The scope of the company’s activities includes:

  • Creation & integration of IT-solutions, their maintenance, and support during the entire lifecycle.
  • Design and deployment of out-of-the-box solutions and software systems for brokers.
  • Enhancement and expansion of a consulting network.
  • The work on improvement and promotion of the own comprehensive liquidity aggregator.

The outcome of VTC was settled practically from the first moments of appearance at the market. At the end of 2008, Varalen Trading Corporation finished the development of the Liquidity Providers and Brokers uniting system (LPBUS) – a sophisticated platform meant to bring dealing centers and OTC markets under one roof. The innovation was eagerly appreciated and adopted by many participants of the dealing sector.

Problems addressed by LPBUS:

  • Nonmarket quotations
  • Inefficiency of the brokerage instruments usage
  • Arbitration on backlogged orders
  • Guidance and education of inexperienced individual market actors
  • Consolidation of global software applications for brokers in a single database

Taking the VTC System idea to the next stage

From 2013 onwards, Varalen Trading Corp. has been focused on developing canned solutions to facilitate dealing centers. On top of that, the Capital Markets provides advisory services concerning the use of independent dealing desks and helps new brokers to enter and consolidate themselves at the market by landing them both technical and consulting aid. This is beneficial for both programmers who get motivated to create novel solutions and brokers who will utilize the cutting-edge product.

Newcomer brokers and individuals interested in new technologies used in the dealing business alike will find a lot of relevant information on pages of the VTC website.

Both beginner dealing centers and large-scale stockbrokers can benefit from the VTC site’s extensive library and a competent technical support team to upgrade their business indicators. The platform never stops evolving, and only those will gain huge profits from involvement, who are not afraid of competing in it and who managed to join the site earlier.


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